B4 you reply hear me out! These are my thoughts on addiction.They are meant to get people thinking about themselves and their addiction! Here we go... Addiction is not a disease it's a choice that we make! Yes,I did say "we" I'm one also! The word disease is something that everyone around us wants to hear,along with ourselves.They can save face by saying " You know He/she have an addiction,it's a disease don't you know." For us it's a crutch a word to hide behind something to make ourselves feel better,about our choice! I made the choice to take more pills,no one did it for me.I made the choice to go to the Methadone clinic for help. What a bunch of * that place was.I made the choice to stop taking Methadone cold turkey! Nobody did it for me! If it was a disease what happened to make me cured from it.Not a damn thing!It was my choice.Now I'm not saying to do what I did.If you're on a high dose of Methadone or something on those lines make the choice to come down and get off of it! Think about life before you made your choice!Remember how clear things were.
Feel free to reply good or bad! I will not argue over someones opinion.I do respect all of you going through this it's tuff! I know! Almost 21 days off of Methadone.I would hope most of you would wish me luck,because to all of you I wish you the best of luck beating this beast! You can do it!