Does Adderall xr (20mg) interact well with Effexor xr (75mg)?

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17 Aug 2012


Yes, they interact.

Click on the link to read the full interaction between these 2 medications:,2296-1523&consumer=1

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18 Aug 2012

All drugs have interactions with either food or other medications. If the same doc prescribed these two meds together, there surely must be a reason. There are situations in which the benefits outweigh the risks. Yes the interaction sounds major as far as seratonin syndrome goes, but the other interactions sound mostly amphetamine related.
If you have concerns regarding the possibility of a rare seratonin reaction, please talk to your prescribing physician.
In my personal experience while on Cymbalta and Adderall, the only thing that happened to me is I got sleepy after taking the Adderall for my AADD. FYI.
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